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LLDP/EDP Links between some devices are not seen in Maps

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TitleLLDP/EDP Links between some devices are not seen in Maps
LLDP or EDP is enabled in switches and information is seen in switch outputs.
Network monitor cache is enabled.
Network Monitor cache shows the LLDP or EDP details. 
Port <port#> (format): up, current {<MAC Address, --, --, <remote port#>, EDP/LLDP}, last known {--, --, --, --, --}
Still some device links between devices are not seen in Maps
  • Netsight
  • Oneview
  • Extreme Management Center
  • LLDP
  • EDP

Netsight should not be recording an LLDP chassis ID that is not a mac address and treating it as if it was a mac address.


Change request (CR) is created to track this net0042564, upgrade to a version where the enhancement is made. 

Find the device which is sending lldplocchassisid value other than MAC address and configure it to send MAC address or remove that particular device from Netsight post clear network monitor cache for that device and rediscover the devices which do not have links Map. 

How to find which device which is causing this issue.
SSH in to Netsight and change the directory to /usr/local/Extreme_Networks/NetSight/scripts and then execute “./” post run the below command.
mysql> SELECT deviceip, lldplocchassisid from netsight.nsdeviceentitydata;
This would not be saved in a file so capture the putty session.

From the collected output,  lldplocchassisid should be MAC address or NULL, if you see any other values then those are the devices which needs to be or reconfigured to send MAC address or remove from Netsight. 
Additional notes
How to clear network monitor cache for a device 
How to enable network monitor cache
The code change is currently t
argeted to 8.x version.
May also be available in the lower patch release and more information on this would be updated once available. 



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