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Landing page does not show configured changes when user hits portal

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TitleLanding page does not show configured changes when user hits portal
  • NAC captive portal "Landing page" has been modified to be presented differently from default
  • Client sees default landing page, but changes for other pages in the same portal configuration show correctly.
  • Using Advanced Location based access for different portal configurations.
  • NetSight
  • NAC Manager 5.x and higer
  • Underlying Squid service does not have the ability to determine which portal the user is supposed to have until the user clicks the "Please click here to connect to network" link
  • NAC uses landing page configurations in the "Default" portal configuration instead of any other portal configuration in the system
  • Modify "Default" portal configurations for the landing page as desired
2nd resolution:
  1. ​In NAC manager go Tools menu > Management and Configuration > Advanced Configuration
  2. In the left hand menu click on the NAC configuration being used
  3. Double click the "Unregistered Loc. <XXXXX>" rule created for use with the second captive portal configurations
  4. Configure incoming IP range to match the IP range of the incoming client that needs to see the new captive portal landing page configurations
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