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Latency seen for routed traffic on Summit X690

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TitleLatency seen for routed traffic on Summit X690
  • Traffic routed through a Summit X690 shows high latency
  • The [extrRx0.1:0] process is running high
  • Logs similar to the following are seen:
<Noti:Card.IPv4Adj.Notice> vrId 131074 adj Unable to create egress object for port = 0xc, l3Intf = 25 (Table full)

  • EXOS 22.1 or higher
  • Summit X690
If there is a /32 route and an ARP entry for the same IP address, the hardware next hop entry for this address may not get removed properly when it should. If there are a large number of port flaps, STP topology changes, etc. the hardware next hop table may be filled with these stale entries, preventing other entries from being installed.

This results in the traffic that should use the entries that were unable to be installed to be forwarded by CPU, causing latency and traffic drops.
Upgrade to a version of EXOS that includes the fix for CR xos0074587. This is in the following releases:
  • EXOS 30.2.1
  • EXOS 22.7.1
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