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Latency seen for traffic routed through VRRP master

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TitleLatency seen for traffic routed through VRRP master
  • Traffic that is routed by a VRRP master shows high latency
  • The bcmRX and tbcmTX processes are running high
  • Logs indicate that VRRP adverts are being ignored, although VRRP is not in a dual master state
  • EXOS all
  • VRRP
An instance of CARP (Common Address Redundancy Protocol) or another VRRP instance is running in the same VLAN with the same VRID. This leads to a duplicate MAC address, as both of these protocols base the virtual MAC used by the VIP off of the VRID.
Configure the VRRP or CARP instances to not re-use VRIDs, preventing the duplicate MAC address.
Additional notes
Note that despite VRRP and CARP being separate protocols that cannot interoperate, they both use the format 00:00:5e:00:01:<VRID> for their virtual MAC. See the link below for additional details on CARP:



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