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EXOS Local Fault Issue with Direct-Attach Cables

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TitleEXOS Local Fault Issue with Direct-Attach Cables
"<Info:vlan.msgs.portLinkStateDown> Port <#> link down - Local fault" seen on port using Direct-Attach 10G passive-copper cable.

debug hal show optic-info port <PORT_NUMBER> shows that the cable is not supported
Port                       <PORT_NUMBER>
SFP or SFP+:               SFP+
Signal:                    present
TX Fault:                  no
SFP/SFP+ Vendor:           OEM             
SFP/SFP+ Part Number:      SFP-H10GB-CU1M  
SFP/SFP+ Serial Number:    <SERIAL_NUMBER>    
SFP/SFP+ Manufacture Date: 12061400
SFP/SFP+ Type:             SFP
Connector:                 Copper pigtail
Type:                      UNKNOWN (0)
Supported:                 no
Wavelength:                850
  • EXOS All
  • Summit
  • BlackDiamond
  • Direct-Attach 10G passive copper cable
This is an unsupported SFP+ cable. Although EXOS does not block the use of third party modules, the third party modules are not supported by GTAC.
Contact Extreme Networks Sales Representative for supported cable options.
Additional notes
  • Extreme Networks optical modules and direct attach cables are tested to work in all supported Extreme Networks switches.
  • We recommend that all customers use Extreme Networks optical modules in their Extreme Networks switches. 
  • Extreme Networks assumes no liability for third-party optical modules.
  • Although Extreme Networks does not block third-party optical modules,we cannot ensure that all third-party optical modules operate properly in all Extreme Networks switches.
  • The customer assumes all risks associated with using third-party optical modules in Extreme Networks switches.



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