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Logo getting cropped in Captive Web Portal (CWP)

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TitleLogo getting cropped in Captive Web Portal (CWP)
Change the logo displayed in the Captive Web Portal to customize the user experience
  • Customer is uploading a logo to the CWP and logo is truncated when viewing live
  • In Customize and Preview pages, logo renders properly
  • Logo being used is 227x69 pixels
  • Captive Web Portal
The CWP Portal configuration requires a specific size for the logo to render properly. Smaller can result in scaling, and larger may result in the image being truncated on one or more borders.

Use an image editing application to adjust the size of the image (for example the Preview utility on Macintosh computers can do this under the Tools menu) to the preferred size of 228 px X 87 px

User-added image
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