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Loss of connectivity (ping/ssh/telnet) on A-Series

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TitleLoss of connectivity (ping/ssh/telnet) on A-Series
  • Intermittently, no reply to ping
  • VMWARE shows lost redundancy 
  • Ports transmitting pause frames
  • Loss of SNMP contact
  • No telnet/SSH
Ports sending pause frames
->show txqmonitor flowcontrol
ge.1.49 733002 0
ge.1.50 521081 0
Ports showing received pause frames
->show txqmonitor flowcontrol
ge.1.5 0 9000

  • Securestack
  • All firmware versions
Switch transmitting and receving pause frames
Disable flow control
set flowcontrol disable
Additional notes
Disable flow control on the devices at each end of the link.

If the above is not possible,  please note:

Disabling flowcontrol does not stop pause frames.

If there is a port with a pauseframe issue and you want to try and stop the pauseframes, you need to run the command
clear port advertise port.x.x pause
A warning, if you run this command on a up link port then there will be a topology change 



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