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MAC Authentication on XMR/MLX is not working.

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TitleMAC Authentication on XMR/MLX is not working.
The same MAC authentication configuration works well on FastIron products, but it doesn't work on the NetIron products.
Software Release: N/A
Fixed in Version: N/A
Steps for configuring MACauthentication on XMR/MLX are slightly different than the FastIron products,and it requiresadditional steps for enablingaaa fordot1x and dot1x forradius server configuration.

Dot1x and MAC authentication functions are implemented together onNetIron XMR/MLX, sotheadditional steps are required. XMR/MLX device will notsend an authentication request to the radius server if the two commands below are not configured.
The following twocommands are required forenablingaaa fordot1x and dot1x forradius server configuration.

aaa authentication dot1x default radius none
radius-server host auth-port 1812 acct-port 1813 default key 0 secret dot1x

Also enabling,mac-authentication has to be done inthe global mac-authentication commands as this option is not available under theinterfaces as in FastIron products.
mac-authentication enable
mac-authentication enable eth 2/1 to 2/10
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