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MAC NAC Agent refuses to install on 10.8.5

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TitleMAC NAC Agent refuses to install on 10.8.5
When the DMG is opened there is a NAC installer and a folder titled "OSX 10.8 and older" that contains another NAC installer. Our MAC's currently use 10.8.5. When I attempt to install the NAC agent in the 10.8 and older directory, it almost immediately pops up a message that says this version is not compatible and to use the other NAC installer in the base directory. Running that NAC installer says it is also incompatible and to use the NAC installer in the 10.8 and older directory. 

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MAC OSX 10.8.5 
This issue exists in version

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From release notes
Corrected an issue where a pre-install check was preventing the Agent-Based Assessment Agent from installing on some OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) systems. 
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