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MAC to IP address resolution failed due to multiple IPs being received in Netsight NAC Manager

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TitleMAC to IP address resolution failed due to multiple IPs being received in Netsight NAC Manager
In NetSight NAC Manager, the IP of the end-device is not being displayed due to multiple IPs being received.

The Extended State reports MAC to IP resolution Failed and the State Description reports Unable to resolve IP address from IPs being received <IP1>, <IP2>

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Nodealias is also reporting multiple addresses:

#show nodealias ports 1
Port   MAC Address          Alias ID  Time Last Learned    VID   Protocol  Source IP
-----  -----------------  ----------  -------------------  ----  --------  ---------------
1      ac:cc:8e:02:5a:a5          12  10-04-2017 23:13:39  1     ip
1      ac:cc:8e:02:5a:a5          14  10-04-2017 23:13:40  1     ip
1      ac:cc:8e:02:5a:a5          25  10-04-2017 23:27:04  1     ssdp
1      ac:cc:8e:02:5a:a5          70  10-06-2017 10:36:42  1     ip
The end-device has multiple addresses assigned under the same MAC address. If there are two IPs associated with one unique MAC address then NAC will disregard both addresses. The IP resolution process is built-in and the learned IP is based on the provided data to the NAC from the network. One IP will need be binded to the MAC address
In the above scenario, an Automatic Private IP address was being reported and assigning an additional IP address on the end device that had one interface.

Automatic Private IP addressing is a built-in function that assigns an additional IP address, which can be used to access the unit from other hosts on the same segment of the local network.

Disabling the Link-Local IPv4 Address option on the end-device will prevent the Automatic Private IP Address from being advertised, preventing multiple IP addresses.
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