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MEM_FAIL_INT_STAT errors in debug error log NOT accompanied by a blade reset

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TitleMEM_FAIL_INT_STAT errors in debug error log NOT accompanied by a blade reset
  • MEM_FAIL_INT_STAT messages NOT accompanied by a slot reset.
  • Broadcom Software Error Recovery (SER) feature
  • Error messages are logged in the fault log (ie debug error log) indicating a NON-fatal recoverable condition which are accompanied by no observable negative operational impact
  • The MEM_FAIL_INT_STAT string may or may not be followed by messages indicating a specific recovery treatment - similar to the following:  (read from bottom to top following timestamp) 
Message 1/93 Syslog Message 11/08/2014 23:49:02 
<3>bcmStrat[4.bcmDPC]unit 12 L2_ENTRY_ONLY parity hardware inconsistency 
Message 2/93 Syslog Message 11/08/2014 23:49:02 
<3>bcmStrat[4.bcmDPC]Unit 12: CLEAR_RESTORE: L2X[2006] blk: ipipe0 index : 23753 : [0][0] 
Message 3/93 Syslog Message 11/08/2014 23:49:02 
<3>bcmStrat[4.bcmDPC]Unit 12: mem: 2006=L2X blkoffset:6 
Message 4/93 Syslog Message 11/08/2014 23:49:02 
<3>bcmStrat[4.bcmDPC]unit 12 L2_ENTRY_ONLY entry 23753 parity error 
Message 5/93 Syslog Message 11/08/2014 23:49:01 
<3>bcmStrat[4.tNimIntr]MEM_FAIL_INT_STAT=0x00000000, EGR_INTR0_STATUS=0x 
00000000, EGR_INTR1_STATUS=0x00000000, IP0_INTR_STATUS=0x00000001, IP1_I 
NTR_STATUS=0x00000000, IP2_INTR_STATUS=0x00000000, IP2_INTR_STATUS_2=0x0 
0000000, IP3_INTR_STATUS=0x00000000, IP4_INTR_STATUS=0x00000000, IP5_INT 
R_STATUS=0x00000000, IP5_INTR_STATUS_1=0x00000000, IP5_INTR_STATUS_2=0x0 
0000000, PG4_XINTR_STATUS=0x00000000, PG4_YINTR_STATUS=0x00000000, PG5_X 
INTR_STATUS=0x00000000, PG5_YINTR_STATUS=0x00000000 
Message 6/93 Syslog Message 11/08/2014 23:49:01 
<3>bcmStrat[4.tNimIntr]MEM_FAIL interrupt occurred on chip 12! 
  • S-series
  • K-series
  • 7100-Series
  • Firmware version 8.31.x.x and later 
  • The sequence below indicates a bit level error event in memory and the system recovery path for corrective action.
MEM_FAIL_INT_STAT is a memory parity error report from the component noted
  • No operational impact will be experienced beyond logging of the series of messages noting the bit error (mem_fail_int etc) and a record of the system restoration.
  • No corrective action is needed
  • The system takes steps to restore parity without causing a reset
  • Functioning as Designed (FAD)
Additional notes

Broadcom driver fixes for MEM_FAIL (parity) errors are included in 8.31.x.x released Sept. 2014

Previous firmware included limited MEM_FAIL exception handling.  If a MEM_FIL error is accompainied by a reset, firmware update is indicated.
see :  S-Series Slot reset with error MEM_FAIL_INT_STAT in debug message log



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