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MGBIC-LC05 is not linking on a SecureStack C5K175-24

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TitleMGBIC-LC05 is not linking on a SecureStack C5K175-24
MGBIC-LC05 is not linking on a SecureStack C5K175-24 
  • SecureStack C5K175-24
  • All Firmware
The LC05 is not showing link on the C5K175-24
The LC05 is a supported transceiver on the C5K175-24
Modifications were found in the port advertised field 
Run the following command to set the port back to the default settings

(su)->clear port advertise ge.4.23
You should see the following
(su)->show port advertise ge.4.23
ge.4.23      capability    advertised     remote 
10BASE-T             no           no           no
10BASE-TFD         no           no           no
100BASE-TX         no           no           no
100BASE-TXFD    no           no           no
1000BASE-T         no           no           no
1000BASE-TFD    yes          yes          no
pause                    yes          no           no
Link Status 
show port status ge.4.23
          Alias        Oper    Admin   Speed 
Port      (truncated)  Status  Status  (bps)     Duplex  Type
--------- ------------ ------- ------- --------- ------- ------------
ge.4.23                   Up      Up      100.0M    full    100-lx10
Port Counters
(su)->show port counters ge.4.23

Port : ge.4.23    MIB2 Interface: 179    Bridge Port : 23
No counter discontinuity time

MIB2 Interface Counters
In Octets                                       253163          
In Unicast Pkts                                    38             
In Multicast Pkts                              1672           
In Broadcast Pkts                            1018           
In Discards                                            0              
In Errors                                                0              
Out Octets                                   160702          
Out Unicast Pkts                                 10              
Out Multicast Pkts                            1399           
Out Broadcast Pkts                            516            
Out Errors                                               0              

802.1Q Switch Counters 
Frames Received                                 2728
Frames Transmitted                             1925

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