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ELRP is reporting a loop in an MLAG setup

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TitleELRP is reporting a loop in an MLAG setup
ELRP is reporting a loop in an MLAG setup
  • EXOS
  • MLAG
  • ELRP
One of the switches connected on the remote end of the MLAG enabled ports is not configured for sharing. The absence of the share group allows the ELRP multicast packet to be looped back to the MLAG peers.
Enable sharing on each group of ports that connect to the two MLAG peers:
enable sharing port grouping port_list {algorithm [address-based {L2 | L3 | L3_L4 | custom} | port-based }]} {lacp | health-check}

Also, make sure the LAG is configured on the correct ports on the client that are actually connected to the MLAG peers.
Additional notes
Note that ELRP may not detect the loop on the switch with the misconfiguration, but on a different switch in the topology. 



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