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MVR not forwarding the multicast traffic to the other VLAN even though the IGMP join is received properly

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TitleMVR not forwarding the multicast traffic to the other VLAN even though the IGMP join is received properly
  • MVR enabled on the sender vlan. 
  • IGMP membership received properly on the receiver VLAN. 
  • However, the sender traffic is not egressing the receiver VLAN when the egress port also has the sender VLAN (MVR ingress VLAN). 
  • This article applicable for the topology like below:
User-added image
  • EXOS All.
  • Summit and Black Diamond Series. 
  • MVR enabled network in which the multicast senders and receivers are available all across the network. 
  • In the topology mentioned above, the MVR is enabled in the SW1 and SW2 which are part of the EAPS ring. 
  • Since it is an EAPS ring, we have the multicast sender and receiver VLAN in all the EAPS ring ports. 
  • MVR is enabled on the switches SW1 and SW2 for redundancy. 
  • The IGMP join from the receiver would be received on the port 2 of SW1 in the VLAN receiver. 
  • Since MVR is configured in the VLAN sender, the expectation would be to forward the multicast traffic to the receiver VLAN on port 2 after the IGMP join is received. 
  • However, by default, MVR does a port check and will not forward the multicast traffic to the port if that port has the sender VLAN added. This is an expected behavior. 
The following log at the debug level would provide the explanation about the same: 
<Verb:IPMC.MVR.portCheckFail> Port 2/Receiver, failed MVR rule check for cache,, as by default packets are not forwarded to ports shared by ingress MVR vlan.

MVR has this expected behavior to avoid duplicate of the multicast packets in the network. 

We could do a static MVR by adding that port as a receiver port in the receiver vlan using the following command: 

configure mvr vlan <vlan name> add receiver port <port number>

configure mvr vlan "Receiver" add receiver port 2

Additional notes
Please check the link below for basic configuration of MVR. 
How To Configure MVR



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