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MVRP packets cause FDB learning on STP blocked port

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TitleMVRP packets cause FDB learning on STP blocked port
  • FDB thrashing
  • Ping or other traffic loss to switch IP interface
  • Network performance degradation
  • All EXOS Platforms
  • EXOS 15.4.1 and up
  • MVRP Enabled
MVRP packets are not blocked on a STP blocked port, causing learning on the port and FDB thrashing.  This leads to forwarding issues and traffic loss for the affected FDB entries.
This is a software defect and can be tracked via CR xos0062494.  A software upgrade will be required to resolve.


1. Check the VLAN configuration to determine what VLANs are dynamically added or could possibly be added to the switch interconnects.
2. Disable MVRP on the switch interconnections and uplinks:
disable mvrp <PORT_LIST>
3. Rename dynamically created VLANs so that they can be manually configured.  Note: This will not effect MVRP operation on MVRP enabled ports.
configure vlan <DYNAMIC_VLAN> name <NEW_STATIC_VLAN>
4. Manually add any VLAN that could normally be dynamically added via MVRP to the uplink ports:
configure vlan <NEW_STATIC_VLAN> add ports <UPLINK_PORTS> tagged

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