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Meraki APs showing down in console

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TitleMeraki APs showing down in console
  • Meraki APs can be contacted with MIB Tools.
  • Meraki APs show as down in NetSight Console.
  • Meraki Aps can be contacted with SNMP or ping from the NetSight server
  • NetSight
  • Console
  • NAC
  • Extreme Management Center
The Meraki APs were not responding to the sysUpTime MIB object, which is used for status polling
Set the APs to a Not Polled status to keep these device in an Up/Green state.

1.  Start NetSight Console.
2.  Select the device(s)/Groups(s) that have the APs.
3.  Change to the Properties tab and select the Access radio button.
4.  Click the Show/Hide Table Editor button to the upper right.
5.  Click into the cell under the horizontal scroll bar for Poll Type and select Not Polled from the pull down menu.
6.  Click the Apply button to the upper right.

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