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Mirroring switch port on SR22/23XX series for a packet capture

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TitleMirroring switch port on SR22/23XX series for a packet capture
There is currently no GUI implementation for setting a mirrored port, instead this must be done via the Configuration level of the CLI.
mirrored port on a fastpath switch?

Run the following commands in Config mode to enable a mirrored port (example below shows port 10 being mirrored on port 5):

monitor session 1 source interface 1/0/10
monitor session 1 destination interface 1/0/5
monitor session mode


Go to> click download> download Wireshark. 

Note: the following instructions are based on Wireshark version 2.0.2

From the main page of Wireshark, select  Capture> Options> Make sure local area connection option is checked in the top box> Start

User-added image

After a few attempts to reproduce the issue with a separate device that is using wireless, stop the Wireshark capture and save the file.

  • If this data is for a technical support case, please make sure to include the case number at the beginning of the file name.
  • The packet capture file will likely be too large to upload to thecase directly, but Filezilla can be used to upload it to the FTP server. The credentials are:
  • Hostname:
    • Username: upload
    • Password: UP-@er0
  • After uploading the file, leave a note on the case including the test client's MAC address and the file name that you just uploaded for reference.
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