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Module Reset when inserting SFP

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TitleModule Reset when inserting SFP

Neighboring ports re-initialize when an SFP Is Installed.

All 10g ports.associated with the same MAC
generally grouped in 4's - will reinit when a 1g sfp is installed.

  • S-Series
  • K-Series
  • All firmware
  • SFP
  • SFP+ port
Inserted an SFP in an SFP+ port

Known restriction which is documented in release notes.
When an SFP (1G) module is inserted or removed from an SFP+ (10G capable) port, all ports on the associated
MAC chip are reset. This results in a momentary loss of link and traffic on affected ports and forces topology
protocols to process a link bounce. On SSA all 10G ports are in the same group. All ports on a 10G Option
Module are grouped together. For S blades shipping with factory configured ports the groups are: tg.x.1-4,
tg.x.5-8, tg.x.9-12, tg.x.13-16.
Additional notes
This has been further found to be related to changing the speed of the port. So if a 1g SFP is inserted while the port is internally configured as 10G the MAC chip will reset. If a 10G SFP+ is then inserted into the same port after it has now been configured internally for 1G this will also cause a reset of the MAC chip. 




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