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AP7522 is not appearing as online in Azara cloud

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TitleAP7522 is not appearing as online in Azara cloud
After adding the Serial Number and the mac address in Azara cloud, AP is still not showing online in Azara's dashboard. The AP has access to internet over the network (IP address and correct default gateway set).
  • Azara cloud
  • AP7522
  • AP7532
  • ExtremeWiNG Azara
  • WirelessWiNG Azara
The AP, when connected to the network, discovered over layer 2 an adopting controller(s), which performed the AP adoption and interrupted the cloud adoption with Azara cloud server. After the AP is establishing the MiNT link with the controller(s), the AP is not longer trying to be adopted by the Azara cloud server. 
  • Move the AP to a different network where it is not able to be discovered over layer 2 by the controller(s) or disable MiNT mlcp vlan on the controller(s) (careful with this second solution, if you are adopting other APs over layer 2 you will lose the adoption of them). To perform this action:
>en [enter]
#conf t [enter]
#profile rfs6000 controllerprofile [enter]
#no mint mlcp vlan [enter]
#comm wr [enter]
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