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NAC Manager enforce disables RADIUS on switches

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TitleNAC Manager enforce disables RADIUS on switches
Enforce sets RADIUS to disabled on previously enabled switches
  • Extreme Management Center
  • NAC Manager
  • Extreme Control
  • Shared Secret length over 31 characters 
  • EOS
If the shared secret that is trying to be configured is larger than the switch supports the NAC will fail to write the shared secret. Since the NAC disables RADIUS before attempting to configure the failure to write the shared secret will cause the NAC to never turn RADIUS back on.
Change shared secret value to within supported character length for the switch
Additional notes
If in a Proxy RADIUS server environment with only one NAC appliance verify the RADIUS servers configured also meet shared secret restrictions. NAC attempts to write proxy RADIUS server as backup if only 1 NAC exists in a basic AAA configuration.



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