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NAC controller shows SNMP Contact Lost in NMS console

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TitleNAC controller shows SNMP Contact Lost in NMS console
In NetSight Console the NAC Appliance shows SNMP Status of Contact Lost and has a red icon
NetSight Console 6.x
There are five SNMPv3 parameters that need to be configured  in the NMS Edit Credentials and in the NAC appliance's /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf file, and they must agree.  If all five do not agree, then the SNMP status will be Connection Lost and the NAC icon will be red.
  • user name
  • authentication type
  • authentication password
  • privacy type
  • privacy password
Make certain the parameters agree in both the Edit Credentials and in the /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf file.

Use the procedure outline in the following article to assign the appropriate SNMP profile to the NAC appliance:

How to configure a NAC appliance to use SHA and AES for SNMP
Additional notes

Edit Credential SNMPv3 exam[plesnmpd.conf sample file

Note: SNMP Auth/Priv credentials MUST be at least 8 characters. If less than 8 characters contact will fail to become established. The script allows configuration of passwords less than 8 characters but the SNMP connectivity will fail.



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