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NAC mobile Captive Portal blank on Apple devices

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TitleNAC mobile Captive Portal blank on Apple devices
Apple devices when redirected to register/login on mobile Captive Portal hosted on Extreme Control (NAC) will not have the WEB page rendered at all so the content of mCP will be blank.
Platform: Extreme Control (NAC) with mCP
SW version: 7.0.6.x and earlier
If the footerText string for the CP is customised to include a double quotation mark ("), it will not be properly escaped and javascript errors may be produced which prevent the rendering of the mobile CP page entirely.

Any of these strings containing quotes will potentially break the rendering of the page: poweredBy, footerText, localeFooter, hasLocaleFooter

Workaround: replace double quotation mark (") with a single (') quotation mark.
E.g. from this:
<a href="">Contact</a>

to this:
<a href=''>Contact</a>

Software fix: upgrade to version or higher.
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