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NetLogin process causing memory depletion and subsequent reboots

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TitleNetLogin process causing memory depletion and subsequent reboots
Switch memory is leaking slowly during each re-authentication of netlogin client. This will gradually cause memory depletion and unexpected reboot follows in customer network.
Memory depletion logged in system dump.
  • EXOS 15.1 and higher
  • SummitStack
  • Netlogin
Memory leaking in the process "netLogin" occurs when frequent re-authentication period (i.e. 60 seconds) is configured and this issue tracked via bug id xos0064904
1) Please track the bug id xos0064904 to know the version of EXOS the fix is available and upgrade the Devices. 

2) Ensure that re-authentications are either turned off, or the timer is set to a reasonable time
# configure netlogin mac ports <ports> timers reauth-period 3600 reauthentication on
  • The default timer is 3600 seconds (1 hour)
  • Setting the time to 0 will disable the reauth-period
3) Workaround: Use the following example of UPM configuration for restaring process netlogin
Slot-1 X440-24p-10G.11 # show configuration "upm"
# Module upm configuration.
create upm profile restartNetlogin
restart process netlogin

create upm timer restart_netlogin
configure upm timer restart_netlogin profile restartNetlogin
configure upm timer restart_netlogin at 7 13 2016 10 40 0 every 3600

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