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NetSight 8.0 upgrade fails with "Internet connection cannot be established."

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TitleNetSight 8.0 upgrade fails with "Internet connection cannot be established."
NetSight upgrade fails with following error: 
Internet connection cannot be established.
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  • EMC
  • Extreme Management Center
  • NAC
  • EAC
  • Extreme Access Control
  • Purview
  • Extreme Analytics
EMC 8.x upgrade on our appliances or VM's requires an internet connection so the OS may be updated. NetSight cannot establish a connection to the internet
1. Verify DNS resolution is successful and any necessary network HTTP Proxy configuration is in place. 

2. Configure temporary HTTP Proxy on the Appliance to be upgraded
  a. Access Appliance via SSH
  b. Input the following command (substituting <yourproxyaddress> and <yourproxyport> for the IP Address and Port appropriate to your network):
export http_proxy=http://<yourproxyaddress>:<proxyport>
 3. Execute appropriate binary upgrade for the Appliance
Additional notes
If the HTTP Proxy in use requires a Username and Password, please change the command in Step (2) above to be the following (where <username> and <password> are the required values):

If Internet connection is neither directly available, nor available via HTTP Proxy, the alternative is to deploy a new, clean install of the ova or ISO for version 8 (which includes an updated operating system), then restore a database to it from version 7.1 per the instructions in the link below:

Extreme Management Center version 8 - Database Restore



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