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NetSight Policy Manager - SNMP errors on enforce, verify, & user session tables. Disable getbulk

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TitleNetSight Policy Manager - SNMP errors on enforce, verify, & user session tables. Disable getbulk
  • Set default role on a port fails
  • Verify fails
  • Enforce fails
  • Policy Event log displays errors regarding SNMP Timeouts for the Rule Table & multi auth session table
  • No issues when using snmpV1 but when the switch is modeled with snmpV3 the symptoms are present
  • SNMP V3 is in use to model the switch
  • NetSight Policy Manager
  • B-series switches
  • C-series switches
  • D2
  • N-Series switches
  • Exos Switches
  • Summit series
  • Wireless devices
snmpV3 uses getBulk and these functions are causing too much snmp traffic at once for the switch to respond to in a timely manner
First, try using snmpV1 to model the switch.  If it works and these symptoms are no longer present then getbulk should be disabled for Policy Manager use. 

Snmp getbulk is used on both the client and server.  The client uses getbulk when pulling information from ports such as displaying ports.  The server will use getbulk for enforce and verify functions.

This is how to disable it on the server (to affect Policy Manager enforce & verify):
This file will need to be updated on the Netsight server system.  The file is located as noted if NetSight was installed using the default directories.
  • Windows: C:\Program Files\Extreme Networks\NetSight\appdata\
  • Linux :/usr/local/Extreme_Networks/NetSight/appdata/

Add this line into the file.  It may be placed anywhere. Note that XX is the IP address of the switch:
  • policy.ruleTableBulkMaxRepetitions.XX.XX.XX.XX=-1
or, to disable it for all devices
  • policy.ruleTableBulkMaxRepetitionsExos=-1
  • policy.ruleTableBulkMaxRepetitionsEwc=-1
  • policy.ruleTableBulkMaxRepetitions=-1
Note:  Default value is 5.  The setting of -1 above disables getbulk entirely.  For latency concerns, you can tune this to a lower value between 1 and 5 to see if that resolves the issue.

Once added, the Netsigth server service will needed to be restarted:
  • Windows: right click on the NetSight services icon and select Restart Running Services
  • Linux cli command: service nsserver restart
To disable snmp getbulk on the client (for port views):

The file will need to be edit (or created if it doesn't exist) on the client system. The file should be located on the client system under the users account:
  • c:\Users\ < username > \AppData\Roaming\NetSight\

Add the lines:
  • policy.multiAuthTableBulkMaxRepetitions=-1
  • policy.multiAuthTableBulkMaxRepetitionsExos=-1
Restart the Policy Manager Client

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