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Netsight fails to launch, 404 error or or JVM_Bind error occurs.

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TitleNetsight fails to launch, 404 error or or JVM_Bind error occurs.
  • Customer gets an Apache 404 error
  • Netsight startup web page does not display
  • Netsight does not start
  • Customer wants to change default web ports of 8080, 8443
Netsight Console
  • Duplicate port binding is being used on server
  • Web Service running on server
  • Server.log displays a 
  • Address already in use: JVM_Bind:8080
  • netstat -abn shows 8080 or 8443 binding to wrong application
  • If the Netsight Server is running on an Extreme appliance, we don't support any other running application on those ports.
  • For customer premise devices, they can modify the ports that they would attach to the Netsight server on by modification of the file.
  • Edit the following to another port .

You can also do this from the Console application
Tools->Options->Web Server
You will see the following. If the defaults are changed. It will ask the to restart the Netsight Server.

User-added image

Another possible resolution is to identify the third-party application running on the same TCP port 8080 and either disable the third-party application or uninstall it. 
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