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Netsight server using very high memory (RAM)

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TitleNetsight server using very high memory (RAM)

Resource details from "show support" shows very high memory utilization even close to 100 %
# Resource Details
       | Memory Usage            | Used=99.23%, Free=0.77%, Total=23.54 GB
  • Netsight server
  • Linux memory usage
  • RAM usage
Linux is borrowing unused memory for disk caching. This makes it looks like you are low on memory, but you are not! Everything is fine!

The Linux disk cache is very unobtrusive. It uses spare memory to greatly increase disk access speeds, and without taking any memory away from applications. A fully used store of ram on Linux is efficient hardware use, not a warning sign.

To confirm this please check the "more meminfo" and most of the memory is reserved by cache. 
MemTotal:       24691976 kB
MemFree:          183464 kB
Buffers:          170376 kB
Cached:         17441904 kB

This is more link an expected behavior and nothing alarming until you see any performance issues.

Additional notes
External reference :   (This link is not official and only for reference purpose) 



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