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Newly Registered Users Cannot Download Firmware in Extreme Portal

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TitleNewly Registered Users Cannot Download Firmware in Extreme Portal
Newly registered user for the Extreme Portal cannot download any firmware in the Extreme Portal Downloads page.
The search options under the Advanced option for filtering results have no values in the drop down menu and no results are shown in the All Downloads area.
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The cause of this issue has to do with the timing of the update of new users into the search's security cache. The cache is updated every 3 hours and as a result the new user may not be included in the security cache for up to 3 hours.
After a new user is registered to access the Extreme Portal, please be aware that the download of firmware may not work properly for up to 3 hours.

If you can wait, the issue should be resolved within 3 hours once the security cache is updated and the new user record has been added to the security cache.
If the need for access to firmware is urgent, please contact GTAC either via submitting a case online or by calling GTAC.

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