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Not able to adopt WiNG APs by a virtual controller on a routed network

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TitleNot able to adopt WiNG APs by a virtual controller on a routed network
APs connected to a routed (layer 3) switch are not getting adopted by a Virtual Controller (VC)
  • AP75xx 
  • AP65xx 
  • AP76xx 
  • SwiftUI 
  • Enterprise UI
  • WiNG 5.x
  • Layer 2
  • Layer 3
By default, adoption by a virtual controller should be done over layer 2 if seamless roaming is required, but in a routed environment, layer 2 broadcast traffic is not allowed through layer 3 switches and this will disrupt the adoption process. 
Configure layer 3 adoption on the client APs and point them to the virtual controller (Read additional notes regarding seamless roaming):
  1. SwiftUI
    1. Log into the AP via a browser
    2. Under Configuration go to Basic
    3. Under Controller Adoption click on Add
    4. Enter the IP address or Hostname of the virtual controller
    5. Click on Update
    6. Click on Apply
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  1. Enterprise UI:
    1. Log into the AP via browser
    2. Go to Configuration >> Devices >> Device Configuration
    3. Select the AP and click on Edit
    4. Navigate to Adoption
    5. Under Controller Hostnames click on Add Row and Enter the Virtual controller information >> OK >> Exit
    6. Click on Commit and Save 
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  1. From CLI:
    1. Follow these instructions: CLI command for layer 3 adoption of WiNG access points
Additional notes
When adopting APs to a virtual controller or setting them up as standalones, it is important to note that seamless roaming will only work when all APs are in the same broadcast domain (layer 2 adoption) so seamless roaming is not possible in above scenarios. 

If seamless roaming is imperative on a routed network, you might want to consider using a controller instead of a virtual controller for AP adoption and management or simply replace the layer 3 with a layer 2 switch. 



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