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On a replacement VDX6720 the restored startup-config from the original switch is not applied after reload command.

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TitleOn a replacement VDX6720 the restored startup-config from the original switch is not applied after reload command.
A new VDX6720 switch had been sent under support contract to replace a failed VDX6720 switch.
The replacement switch had been configured with the requiredIP address, and the original switches startup-configuration was restored using the following method from the replacement switch:
copyftp://username:password/backup/original_switch_startup-config startup-config
Note:It could have been recovered using scp or usb methods depending on where the backup had been stored.
Thereloadcommand was then used to restart the switch, so that the original startup-config would be applied and the switch would come up with the correct running-config and example-config.
For example the original chassis name, switchname, user accounts andtengigabitethernetinterface configurations were expected to be restored.
After thereload, the chassis name and switchname were correct along with the user account details,but the original interface configuration(vlans,ACL, flowcontrol) were missing when checked fromshow running-configandshow startup-config.
Software Release: 2.x
Fixed in Version: N/A
The replacement switch had been shipped with the startup-config file for VCS modeso thedefaultconfig.vcs file had been used for the startup-config.

On reboot (reload )part of theVCS mode configuration was re-applied and the interfaceconfiguration was missing from thecustomer's original non-VCS startup-config. (The non-VCS startup-config was not restored in full.)
The vcs configuration was confirmed by thecommand:

show vcs
Config Mode : Local-Only
VCS ID : 1
Total Number of Nodes : 1

Run the following toallow the replacement switch to run using the backup configuration from the original (non-VCS) switch:

1)no vcs enable
Switch will reboot automatically at this point.

2)After reboot has completed,re-run the restore copy command.

copyftp://username:password/backup/original_switch_startup-config startup-config

3) A final reboot via the reload command would bring the replacement switch up with a running-config and startup-config, which matches the backup from the original switch that is being replaced.


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