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One MAC address cannot Communicate across Metro-E

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TitleOne MAC address cannot Communicate across Metro-E
  • After running for a long time all OSPF adjacencies lost
  • New router in same location works
  • Suspected problem  router  works in lab
  • Suspected problem router forms  OSPF Adjacency  with some router on Metro-E when connected at different  location than where it failed
  • Reason OSPF not forming adjacency is router cannot ping those devices
  • ARP not resolving to router not replying to ping
  • Debug of ARP shows the router that cannot ping everything sees the ARP of router it is trying to ping
  • Router that does not reply to ping does not see ARP from routr that cannot ping everything
  • Configure static ARPs in both routers does not resolve
  • changed MAC of interface of router that cannot ping everything resolves
  • Configure MAC  of suspect bad router on fluke test tool  and it cannot ping
  • Metro E put router on its own vlan with a one other router and it still cannot ping
  • Reset Calix Switch in Metro-E resolves
  • S-Series
  • Calix Switch
Problem on switch in Metro-E
Pursue issue with Metro-E provider
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