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One of the slot in a X690 stack reboots randomly

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TitleOne of the slot in a X690 stack reboots randomly
<Warn:EPM.UnexpctRebootDtect> Booting after System Failure.
Slot 2 in stack rebooted multiple times, no system dump is generated the only failure logs are booting after system failure
  • X690-48t-2q-4c (Stack)
  • EXOS
  • Summit Stack
PSU-1 or  PSU-2 or
                     Internal  External  External  External  Power
Slots  Type          PSU       PSU       PSU       PSU       Usage
Slot-1 X690-48t-2q-4c  P         P         -         -         127.77
Slot-2 X690-48t-2q-4c  P         F         -         -         112.56
One of the PSU of the slot 2 is in failed state and the switch is prone to a power issue. 
The slot 2 does not have a redundant PSU (Failed or no power)
please make sure that the switches have redundant PSU to avoid reboots due to a power issue.
It is always ideal to source the power to PSU1 and PSU2 from different sources.

Additional notes
In case if already redundant power is supplied and if you still notice slot-2 reboot please check this article Software watchdog expiration and kernel threads stuck message seen in stack setup.



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