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OneView EAPS map shows duplicate port for EAPS shared port

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TitleOneView EAPS map shows duplicate port for EAPS shared port
OneView EAPS map shows duplicate port for EAPS shared port. This is seen on the link involving the Master node and blocked port. Following screenshot shows duplicate numbers of ‘1:2-1:2 1:2-1:2’. This is only seen in the EAPS map detail and when checking the Domain Status box under EAPS Summary. The VLAN summary appear to display the port numbers normally.

  Name: EAPS1                                   Priority: Normal
  State: Complete                               Running: Yes
  Enabled: Yes    Mode: Master
  Primary port:   1             Port status: Up Tag status: Tagged
  Secondary port: 2             Port status: Blocked    Tag status: Tagged

User-added image
  • EXOS
  • Extreme Control Center
  • OneView
Issue is software related causing a duplicate port number to be displayed on the OneView EAPS map.
net0042113 is being used to track this change request. The fix will be included in an upcoming release of Extreme Control Center. It has not yet been determined whether the Release Notes will include this CR. Please contact GTAC if there are any questions or for further insight into net0042113.
Additional notes
net0039921 may also related -  EAPS blocked port / EAPS dotted link is no longer displaying the maps in 7.0.0



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