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OneView Maps shows VLANs for some Exos devices but not others

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TitleOneView Maps shows VLANs for some Exos devices but not others
  • OneView Maps shows VLANs for some Exos devices but not others
  • All devices running same firmware
  • Network monitor debug indicates VLAN table won't be read because "Device is not XOS or EOS"
  • Extreme Management Center
  • Exos
Customized files caused incorrect identification of Exos devices
Make sure the correctly follows the file format defined: 
# My Device Type properties
# This file provides a means to add basic support in NetSight for devices not currently
# recognized by Suite applications.  This includes creating group folders for the device
# in Console under the By Device Type branch of the device tree. You can optionally specify a
# custom icon for displaying device in Map based tools such as Topology Manager, and specify
# a url form for web local management, allowing this to be launched from a device tree popup
# menu for your device.
# File Format:
#   oid=mib_name
#   mib_name=oid
#"Product Family Group"
#   mib_name.subfamily="Subfamily Name"
#   mib_name.binaryfamily="Binaryfamily Name"
#"Name of device"
#   mib_name.isChassis=true/false    // if not defined, assumed "false"
#   mib_name.mapicon="filename.gif"  // larger image for maps (Topology Manager). Place in your install/appdata/System/images directory
#   mib_name.treeicon=value
#      where current values for "treeicon" are:
#        0 = Unknown
#        1 = SNMP (These are normal workstations with SNMP Agents)
#        2 = Router
#        3 = Switch
#        4 = VPN
#        5 = Wireless
#        6 = Ping
#   mib_name.webview=text%IP:port // Where %IP is the device IP address use if your device supports web based local management
# Example entries. Custom entries should have comment tag (#) removed.

Make sure you correctly define these attributes with respect to the files.Refer to <install dir>/NetSight/appdata/System/devicetypes/ for correct family names, and short names.

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