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OneView displays SYNC_ERROR_CLI_AUTHENTICATION_FAILURE for wireless controller

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TitleOneView displays SYNC_ERROR_CLI_AUTHENTICATION_FAILURE for wireless controller
  • OneView shows wireless controller down, Console and EWC controller show them as up.
  • OneView not displaying APs for wireless controller
  • Also look for the following in NetSight Logs: getMuRssData(): Failed to get MU RSS data on EWC
  • Wireless Domain Data displays error:  "Name: <IP_of_Controller> Status: SYNC_ERROR_CLI_AUTHENTICATION_FAILURE Status Message: SSH failure to authenticate. Please verify your credentials are correct in the NetSight Console application."
  • NetSight OneView
  • NetSight Console
  • IdentiFi Wireless Controller
CLI credentials not setup correctly in the SNMP Profile used to model the controller.
  1. Start NetSight Console.  
  2. Tools->Wireless Manager->Configured Objects Tab-Wireless Networks. 
  3. Click on controller. See if the controller is synchronized.
  4. If an SSH error occurs, then the CLI credentials for the controller is wrong, and will need to be set.
For assistance with setting up CLI credentials, see How to setup CLI credentials in Netsight Console
Additional notes
The CLI credential that is used for Wireless Manager is the "Configuration" password in the CLI credential window, if the Configuration password is wrong this will result in an authorization failure in OneView

The "Login" password is used for the "execute command script" tool



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