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Extreme Management Center shows Analytics Appliance / Purview as down

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TitleExtreme Management Center shows Analytics Appliance / Purview as down
  • Analytics/PurView Appliance displays red and down in OneView > Applications > Configuration > OverView
  • Error in server.log file:  2014-09-29 14:08:09,664 ERROR [com.enterasys.netsight.appid.server.AppIdApplianceClient] error polling appliance IP_OF_PURVIEW: org.apache.axis2.AxisFault: Transport error: 401 Error: Unauthorized
  • Error seen in Extreme Management Center  for /Analytics/Purview appliance: Sensor is down!
  • Server.log on XMC shows Failure Authenticating with BASIC
  • NetSight OneView
  • NetSight PurView
  • Extreme Management Center
  • Analytics
  • The web credentials between the two versions is different.
  • PurView appliance is admin/Enterasys@pp, while is admin/Extreme@pp
  • Management IP of the NetSight server is incorrect in the Purview appliance.
To reconfigure Web Credentials on the appliance
1.  SSH into the PurView appliance as the root user.
2.  CD into /opt/appid
3.  Type the command:  ./configWebCredentials <USER> <PASSWORD>
Type the command:  ./configMgmtIP <IP_of_NetSight_server>
5.  Restart the PurView services:  appidctl restart
6. On the Netsight/XMC/Extreme Management Center appliance, the database typically needs to be restarted, after the above credentials are addressed on the appliance.
How to restart Netsight / Extreme Management Center services on linux or Windows Server Platforms

Configuration via the Oneview Interface.

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Additional notes
The web credentials in Extreme Management Center can be found in:

Analytics->Configuration->Select Appliance->Select Configuration->Web Credentials.
2.  Expand the appliance in question.
3.  Web Credentials

The current management IP of the NetSight/Extreme Management Center server can be found with:

1.  SSH into the Analytics/Purview appliance.
2.  Type the command:  cat /opt/appid/mgmtServerIP



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