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OpenFlow 1.3 features supported in EXOS

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TitleOpenFlow 1.3 features supported in EXOS
A selective number of OpenFlow 1.3 features were added to the EXOS implementation, as outlined below.  Any features not explicitly stated below, aren't yet available
EXOS 15.4 and ABOVE
ExtremeXOS Release 15.4 and above provides the following OpenFlow enhancements:
  • ExtremeXOS Release 15.4 and above increases the number of OpenFlow VLANs supported to the memory scaling capabilities of the platform.
  • Adds VLAN ID editing functions (VLAN ID add, strip, and modify).
  • Adds source and destination MAC modify actions to the platforms that can support it.
  • Supports the increased scaling of simple L2 flows by including the use of the FDB table to support OpenFlow flows.
  • Adds OpenFlow platform Demo support only for BlackDiamond X8, and BlackDiamond 8K chassis platforms using select interface cards. OpenFlow will work with a single MM/MSM module. Failover with dual MM/MSM‘s is not supported.
  • Provides the ability for multiple OpenFlow controllers to be configured to support high availability.
  • Provides for VLANs to be configured for OpenFlow control. The same port on a switch can support both OpenFlow-managed, and non-OpenFlow managed VLANs.
ExtremeXOS Release 15.7 and above provides the following OpenFlow enhancements:
  • ExtremeXOS Release 15.7 contains an upgrade to version 1.3 of the OpenFlow protocol.
  • The OpenFlow Group table is supported for MPLS flows only. Otherwise, only a single table is supported in this release.
  • L2VPN with Static Pseudowire and Static MPLS Tunnel (via OpenFlow Vendor Extensions).
  • MPLS Label Switching (for pseudowire only).
  • Forward between Normal VLAN/VMAN and OpenFlow Pseudowires using standard Ethernet flooding and learning.
  • Enable OpenFlow controlled traffic and normal traffic to be sent and received on the same VLAN/port.
  • Continued support of OpenFlow capabilities and scale that exist in ExtremeXOS 15.4.1.
Additional notes

Supported Platforms

  • Summit X440
  • Summit X460
  • Summit X460-G2
  • Summit X480
  • Summit X670
  • Summit X670-G2
  • Summit X770
  • BlackDiamond X8 with a single MM module.
  • BlackDiamond 8K – 8900 (XL-Series) and C-Series with single MM only.

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