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POE over budget on a B5 or C5 SecureStack

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TitlePOE over budget on a B5 or C5 SecureStack
Some ports with POE status of 'over budget', and not delivering power.
Current POE usage is relatively low. The number of ports using inlinepower is random
  • SecureStack
  • B5-Series
  • C5-Series
  • Firmware
  • POE is not working properly
The default inlinepower management mode of real-time is the wrong setting for the switch or switches having the issue. The inlinepower management mode real-time ends up working harder trying to adjust to the number of request for changes and at any moment the inlinepower is out of service to any new inlinepower requests as well as some existing Poe devices
Change POE threshold from default of 80% to 90%. This may resolve the issue; you can then change the threshold value back to 80%.

CLI syntax for changing POE threshold:
set inlinepower threshold <PERCENTAGE> <UNIT_ID>
set inlinepower threshold 90 2
Then change back to defaults:
set inlinepower threshold 80 2
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