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PTPv1 packets are dropped when gPTP is enabled on a port

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TitlePTPv1 packets are dropped when gPTP is enabled on a port
  • PTPv1 packets are dropped by the switch
  • Dante clocks go out of sync when AVB is enabled on a port
  • EXOS 15.6 and higher
  • Summit G2 platforms
  • gPTP
Due to a mis-programming of the switching hardware, the PTPv1 packets are incorrectly dropped when gPTP is enabled on the ingress port.
Upgrade to a version of EXOS that includes the fix for this issue.
This is fixed via CR xos0067493. The fix is included the following releases of EXOS:
  • EXOS 22.3.1
  • EXOS 21.1.4
Additional notes
While this can affect Dante devices when AVB is enabled, this issue is more broad than just AVB and Dante.

Dante uses PTPv1 for its timing synchronization, and AVB uses gPTP. When Dante traffic must travel over an AVB enabled link, this issue can cause Dante clocks to go out of sync.



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