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Password Prompt Delay when attempting to establish SSH connection to switch

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TitlePassword Prompt Delay when attempting to establish SSH connection to switch
Delay in password prompt being shown when trying to establish SSH connection takes about 10 seconds from the password prompt to show up.
  • EXOS 16.2 >=
  • SSH
The problem is not with ssh, but with the dns reverse lookup which takes exactly 10 seconds to timeout whether or not DNS is configured. 
  • Upgrade to a patched version that contains the fix as noted in xos0066697
  • Versions include:
    • EXOS 16.2.3
    • EXOS 21.1.3
    • EXOS 22.3.1
Please note that these have yet to be released.  Although this is operating as designed, a workaround would be to configure the correct DNS server using the below command
configure dns -client add name-server <server-IP> vr VR-Mgmt/VR-Default
Additional notes
From EXOS 16.2 onward we have upgraded our SSH code to open SSH and  it does check  for certificate based authentication, public key based authentication when attempting to login to switch via SSH.  If it both fail to authenticate the user, then it falls back to password based authentication. 

Hence it is taking  3-5 seconds to prompt the password window and it is not related to CPU limitation of switches.

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