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How to reset the configuration of A/B/C/D/G Series to factory defaults via boot menu

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TitleHow to reset the configuration of A/B/C/D/G Series to factory defaults via boot menu
  • Reset button fails to reset the password to factory defaults
  • Unable to login with admin account
  • Unable to login with rw account
  • Legacy Enterasys Switches
  • SecureStack
  • A-Series
  • B-Series 
  • C-Series
  • D-Series
  • G-Series
  • All Firmware Versions
  • Password recovery
  • Boot Menu
The admin and rw accounts are disable
  1. With a console serial session established power cycle the switch
  2. When prompted, during the boot up, type 2 then press the Enter Key of your keyboard
  3. You will be prompted for a password. The password is administrator
Enterasys G3-Series Boot Code...
SDRAM Circuit Test of 255MB

Version 01.00.53 01-16-2012

Computing MD5 Checksum of operational code...
Select an option. If no selection in 2 seconds then
operational code will start.

1 - Start operational code.
2 - Start Boot Menu.
Select (1, 2):2

Password: *************
  1. From the boot menu the number corresponding to "Restore Configuration to factory defaults (delete config files)"
  2. The, type the number ahead of the "Reset the system" to reboot the device. Example: 
Boot Menu Version 01.00.53 01-16-2012

Options available
1  - Start operational code
2  - Change baud rate
3  - Retrieve event log using XMODEM (64KB).
4  - Load new operational code using XMODEM
5  - Display operational code vital product data
6  - Update Boot Code
7  - Delete operational code
8  - Reset the system
9  - Restore Configuration to factory defaults (delete config files)
10 - Set new Boot Code password
[Boot Menu]9
[Boot Menu]8
    6.  Let the switch complete the boot process. 
Additional notes
If you have any question or need assistance with this task, please do not hesitate to contact the GTAC. 
How to contact Extreme Networks Global Technical Assistance Center (GTAC)



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