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Petra exceeded maximum soft resets

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TitlePetra exceeded maximum soft resets
K-Series Fabric / S-series unit halts or shuts down with the following error in the message log.
The error might only will be displayed as follows in the message log:
Message 30/193 Syslog Message 11/29/2016 07:46:37
<3>System[11]This device has encountered a hardware failure.
Petra[0] exceeded maximum soft resets 
Please contact Support for a possible repair/replacement
Other Petra interrupts may or may bit be displayed prior to the soft reset log and subsequent halt/reset
There should also be a core file (as a result of the soft reset threshold being reached) generated from the same time the unit reset.

  • K-Series
  • S-Series
  • The causes of this are mostly recoverable events, however the firmware would treat them all as non-recoverable and halt the blade.
  • For the recoverable events the firmware will no longer halt, and continue normal operation.
  • For non-recoverable events (i.e. hardware failures), the firmware will now reset (not halt).
  • Install the F/W below for both families
  • Fixed in 08.42 Branch - (both S & K-Series)
  • Fixed in 08.62. Branch – (both S & K-Series)
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