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Pim Video Stream is Not Inter-VLAN Routing on EXOS Switch

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TitlePim Video Stream is Not Inter-VLAN Routing on EXOS Switch
  • IGMP snooping shows sender and streams coming in
  • IGMP snooping shows receiver subscribed to stream
  • Pim configuration is correct
  • Summit: s460-G2-24x-10GE
  • EXOS:
  • Pim Mode: Sparse
  • VR: user created
The streams are coming in on a VLAN that is different than the route pointing to the sender.  (Example below)

* (vr VR-rgfiber) core1.bc1.35 # show mcast cache 239.x.x.x

Snooping/MVR Cache Timeout: 300 sec

 Type Group             Sender               Age  InVlan

pim   239.x.x.x         192.x.x.x            0    vlan1

      Vlan             Port        Vid 

      vlan1            26          600 


Multicast cache distribution:

     3 entries from Snooping           0 entries from MVR         277 entries from PIM


* (vr VR-rgfiber) core1.bc1.34 # rtlookup 192.x.x.x

Ori  Destination        Gateway         Mtr  Flags         VLAN       Duration

#be  default            128.x.x.x       0    UG-D---um--f- vlan2 146d:2h:40m:56s

In order to resolve this the route pointing to the sender needs to match the vlan that the streams come in on.
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