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Pings to vrrp-e virtual-ip intermittently unreachable

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TitlePings to vrrp-e virtual-ip intermittently unreachable
This issue is seen in a 6 nodeVDX fabric in LC mode running NOS 5.0.2.We found that pings to the vrrp-e virtual-ip are unreachable, depending on which VDX is connected to the pinging server. Pings from the VDX to the local vrrp-e ip also fail. This issue was first seen on NOS 4.1.3a.
Software Release: NOS 5.0.2
Fixed in Version: N/A

When SPF is disabled, all routed traffic / pings to VRRP IP would go through the VRRP master.

This causes uneven distribution of the routed traffic and the arps generated by hosts in the source subnet.

Depending upon the topology, this may also cause sub-optimal routing within the VCS fabric.

This is not a bug. When there are many VRRP sessions and there are high number of L3 flows, it is a standard practice to enable short-path-forwarding.
Additional notes

If you execute a"clear arp" command on an affected VDX, the issue is resolved for a short period of time.



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