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PoE devices connected to Summit switches reboots continuously

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TitlePoE devices connected to Summit switches reboots continuously
  • PoE devices connected to Summit switch keep rebooting
  • Displays below error messages                  
"<Warn:HAL.Card.Warning> Fatal communication error with Inline-Power module, no response after many retries"
"<Warn:HAL.Card.Warning> received message with invalid sequence number"
  • Summit
  • X450e-48P
  • X250e-48P
  • EXOS All
The site AC power line has noise levels above the levels specified in IEC 61000-4-6
Possible Workaround:
Place the affected switch on a dedicated Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) or any power
supply which provides line conditioning. UPS should have less than six (6) devices attached,
capable of providing line conditioning, capable of providing at least 400W of power and not
connected to any large fans.

Installation of an inline noise filter on the switch AC power cord is recommended to help
minimize impact to PoE ports where customer site AC power line noise levels exceed IEC
(International Electro-technical Commission) spec 61000-4-6 and are experiencing the failure
symptoms described above.
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