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EXOS switch not providing PoE

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TitleEXOS switch not providing PoE
  • POE ports not delivering power
  • One or both of the following log entries may be present:
poePlusInit: Initialization failed
bcm5910XInit: firmware update failed
  • Select ports or all ports on the I/O Module fail to deliver power via PoE.
  • Power on Self Test (POST) display  "Test PoE - Fail"
Loading EXOS Diagnostics ... |/

Running Image ...Decompressing diagnostics...

Initializing operational diagnostics...

Running Power On Self Test...(Extended mode)

Test i2cenviron                   - PASS
Test nvram                        - PASS
Test internal flash               - PASS
Test sdram                        - PASS
Test loopback eth                 - PASS
Test loopback pci                 - PASS
Test loopback mac interface       - PASS
Test loopback phy copper          - PASS
Test loopback phy fiber           - PASS
Test snake interface              - PASS
Test asic0 reg                    - PASS
Test asic0 mac                    - PASS
Test PoE                          - FAIL

Storing diagnostics result into EEPROM.
Diagnostics completed.
Waiting for reboot...Restarting system.

  • Summit X460-24/48p
  • Summit X450e-24/48p
  • Summit X440-8/24/48p
  • Summit X430-8p
  • Summit X250e-24/48p
  • Summit X150-24p
  • BlackDiamond
  • 8800 G48Te2 (PoE)
The PoE controller has likely failed.
Run diagnostics on the switch with the command run diagnostics extended {slot <slot#>}, then check the output of diagnostics with the command show diagnostics.

If "show diagnostics" reports "
POE check state loop test failed," or the switch still does not deliver power following the diagnostics, submit an RMA.
Additional notes
For more information on the RMA process, see Return Material Authorization RMA Process and FAQ



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