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Policy Enforce to XoS switches fails with CoS Transmit queue errors

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TitlePolicy Enforce to XoS switches fails with CoS Transmit queue errors
  • The Policy Enforce Preview screen may show errors similar to this:
    • TxQ Index unsupported: EXOS requires static COS to use TxQ that equals 802.1p priority (1)
  • The enforce fails with errors in the Event View log as follows:
    • ERROR: SNMP Error: General Error (5).  The attribute(s) contained in the failed SNMP packet were: etsysCosTosValue.X, etsysCosTxqReference.X, etsysCosIrlReference.X
  • NetSight Policy Manager
  • XoS Summit Series switches that support policy (firmware revision 16.1 and higher)
    • X450-G2
    • X460-G2
    • X670-G2
    • X770-G2
Extreme XOS devices only support fixed IRL and TXQ  index reference mappings for static CoS. The Index values for the CoS needs to match the priority. This is the default configuration for domains, but if it is changed for a static CoS, enforce will fail.
If the CoS references have changed and enforce fails, this procedure will reset to the default CoS values that are supported on the switches and will resolve enforce problems created by non standard CoS mappings.
  1. In the Policy Manager domain, pull down the Edit Menu
  2. Select Class of Service Configuration
  3. Click on Domain Managed Components
  4. Select the check box for Show All CoS Components in Tree (Advanced mode)

This screen should appear:
User-added image

In the tree on the left side of the screen, select a CoS (start with Scavenger).  At the bottom of the right side panel, the IRL and TxQ index values are shown.  The values must match the 802.1p priority value, i.e. priority 0 should show IRL and TxQ index values of 0

User-added image

If the values don't match, select the box at the index and it will bring up another screen as seen below.  Set the value to match and click okay.
User-added image

Do the same for the TxQ value.

Once complete for each CoS the enforce errors caused by this problem should be resolved
Additional notes
Take note of any rate limiter assigned to the CoS as the rate limit is mapped to the index and may change when you make this adjustment.  Any rate limiters will need to be re-mapped to the default CoS index mappings.



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