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Policy Manager enforce/verify fails with CoS errors on Wireless Controller

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TitlePolicy Manager enforce/verify fails with CoS errors on Wireless Controller
  • Verify fails after successful enforce
  • Subsequent enforces fail after initially succeeded enforcing
  • CoS errors in event log stating CoS objects can't be removed  (destroy failure messages)
  • Policy Manager versions 7.05 and earlier
  • Wireless controllers running 10.0 firmware
  • Extreme Management Center

Mib change in wireless controller fiormware so destroy from Policy Manager no longer works
  • Extreme Management Center changing method from destroying to modify existing CoS objects in 7.0.6
  • Requires disabling enforce/verify of CoS objects in Policy Manager and manual configuration of CoS on the Wireless Controller running 10.0 code and later in Extreme Management Center versions prior to 7.0.6
Additional notes
To disable the CoS objects, select the Wireless Controller in Policy Manager then the General tab.  Select None from the pull down menu to deselect all CoS objects

Disable CoS objects Screenshot



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