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PolicyManager error messages in event log for version 7

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TitlePolicyManager error messages in event log for version 7
  • Policy Event log shows errors
  • server.log file shows policy errors
  • Error message as follows:
    • ERROR [] Policy Manager data version 4.2 or earlier opened. Data may not have been properly imported:
  • NetSight
  • Policy Manager
  • Extreme Management Control
This is due to a change for 7.0 that removed some obsolete update logic for older PMDs. A warning has been added for the case where a domain is opened that is so old that it was not run through all of the upgrade logic that it should have. (This was initially for domains older than 4.2)
Some PMDs are only updated when opened and saved, so any domain that exists in the database that was never opened will stay at the old version.  Since we have shipped canned domains by default for many years, some customers have very old PMDs that aren’t updated. 
This should only be seen if you have domains that are never used or haven't been opened since earlier versions were installed.  The messages may be ignored.  Deleting these domains will get rid of the messages as will upgrading to 7.0.5
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