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Port goes into the Disabled state after a period of time

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TitlePort goes into the Disabled state after a period of time
Port goes to the disabled state. 
Status of the port: 
Slot-1 SW1 # sh port 1:25 no-refresh
Port Summary
Port  Display         VLAN Name          Port  Link  Speed  Duplex
#     String          (or # VLANs)       State State Actual Actual
1:25                  (0005)              D     R  D
This is an expected output with ELSM enabled and the port  is administratively disabled.
Exos All
Summit and Blackdiamond Series
The port will be administratively disabled only under two conditions. 

- When the "disable port <port number>" is executed via CLI or via script.
- When SNMP set is received by the switch with an OID to disable the port. 
To identify if the port is disabled via CLI, we can enable the following command: 
enable cli-config-logging
This will log a message if the command was executed along with the user name under which the command was executed. 
02/26/2018 11:33:40.89 <Info:cli.logLocalCmd> serial tac: disa port 1
To identify if the port is disabled because of the SNMP set, please check if SNMP set counters increases in the "show management" output. 
SNMP stats:     InPkts 0       OutPkts   0       Errors 0       AuthErrors 0
                Gets   0       GetNexts  0       Sets   0       Drops      0
SNMP traps:     Sent   0       AuthTraps Enabled
SNMP inform:    Sent   0       Retries   0       Failed 0
It is recommended to configure the SNMP access profile to restrict the SNMP access to the switch. Please refer the article below for more information about access-profile. 

How to restrict SNMP access

To identify the source of the SNMP set, we need to do a packet capture of the packets hitting the CPU. Refer the article below or contact GTAC for more information on this. 

How to perform a local packet capture on an EXOS switch

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